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Allow access with CoronaCheck Scanner

With CoronaCheck Scanner you check the validity of the visitor’s negative test result. And also if the data on your screen matches the data on the proof of identity. You can use CoronaCheck Scanner to get access to certain locations or activities.

How does scanning work?

Keep a distance and scan the QR code

Press the ‘Start Scanning’ button and ask the visitor to show their QR code. They can show their code using the CoronaCheck app or the paper version. The QR code acts as a valid negative test certificate and can be read at a safe distance.

Point your phone camera at the visitor’s valid negative test certificate. Scan the QR code.

Green screen

Green screen? The visitor has a valid negative test certificate. Now check whether the data on your screen match the data on the proof of identity. All good? Then the visitor may enter. They might also need an entrance ticket.

Red screen

Red screen? This does not mean the visitor has coronavirus. It just means the QR code is invalid or expired (older than 40 hours). So there is no proof of a recent negative test result. Here’s what you can do:

  • Check whether the visitor shows the QR code using the CoronaCheck app. A screenshot or copy of the QR code always results in a red screen.
  • Ask the visitor to completely close the app and open it again. Then scan the QR code again.
  • Check the time on the visitor’s phone. If the time on the visitor’s phone is incorrect, it will result in a red screen.
  • Do you keep getting a red screen even though the visitor has a negative test result? Direct the visitor to our help desk, phone number: 0800-1421.

A green screen is always needed for entry. Does the visitor not have a (valid) QR code? Then you cannot let them enter.

Try scanning

Want to experience how the scanner works?
Open CoronaCheck Scanner on your phone and scan the QR codes.

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