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Research: how do we know CoronaCheck works?

The printed certificate and the CoronaCheck and CoronaCheck Scanner apps are reviewed continuously. This is done by a team of experts with different backgrounds and expertise and includes both quantitative and qualitative studies aimed at CoronaCheck’s objectives. You can find more information in this factsheet:

Factsheet continuous evaluation (Dutch)

You can find the Evaluation report here: Evaluation report CoronaCheck (Dutch)

Read the partial reports that belong to this evaluation here:

The evaluation ran until September. Interim reports were published in july and august:

How inspectors use CoronaCheck with admitting visitors to places or activities has been tested with ‘mystery guests’. You can read the reports here: Compliance Checks Corona Admission Ticket November 1, 2021 (Dutch) and Compliance Checks Corona Admission Ticket, November 29, 2021 (Dutch).

In addition, information about the number of times CoronaCheck and CoronaCheck Scanner are downloaded is made available every day. You can view a summary of this data on Number of CoronaCheck and Scanner app downloads.