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The app says no test result or vaccination was found. What can I do?

No or incorrect vaccination found?

For example, do you have one of the following problems:

In these cases, the vaccination data may not have been registered properly. Contact your vaccination setter (GGD on 0800-5090, hospital, general practitioner or another healthcare institution).

If you are going on a trip or want to visit an event within a few days, the advice is to schedule a free test appointment so you can get access with a test certificate. Go to ‘I want to get tested for coronavirus. Where should I go?’ for more information.

Have you been vaccinated abroad?

Unfortunately, you cannot use CoronaCheck to get a vaccination certificate. In some countries you can make a coronavirus pass on site, one that is also valid in the Netherlands. You can read more about this on Frequent problems and solutions getting a COVID certificate.

No recovery certificate found?

You can only make a recovery certificate if your positive test was taken at the GGD and the result was no more than 180 days ago. If the test result cannot be found in CoronaCheck, please contact the GGD (0800-5090) to check your registration.

No test result found?

It may take a few hours before your testresults are processed by the test location. If you have been tested at the GGD, please contact the GGD. Have you been tested elsewhere? Please wait until you have received the retrieval code or contact the test location.

Requesting a paper coronavirus pass from the healthcare provider who vaccinated or tested you

In some specific cases, you can request a paper coronavirus pass from the healthcare provider who vaccinated or tested you.

This is only possible in some specific cases, when you cannot retrieve your vaccination or test data in CoronaCheck. For instance because:

Contact the healthcare provider who vaccinated or tested you.

Please note: in the following cases, it’s not possible to request a paper coronavirus pass from your healthcare provider: