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I received a booster injection, how do I add it to my vaccination certificate?

In the CoronaCheck app

Vaccinations are not retrieved automatically. Therefore, after every injection, you need to retrieve your vaccination details again by logging in with DigiD. Click on the ‘+’ symbol in the top right corner of the app and add a vaccination certificate.

On paper

Go to and make create a new vaccination certificate. Your booster injection will be added to your certificate.

More information

Have you received one or more vaccinations abroad? Read more about registering your vaccinations on Getting proof of vaccination after being vaccinated outside of The Netherlands.

For every injection, you’ll receive a separate international QR code with the date of the injection. You can read more about this on: Why do I have a separate international QR code for every vaccination I’ve had? And which one should I use?. You will only receive one Dutch QR code with all your vaccination details. This only shows the date from which your complete vaccination certificate is valid. In the Netherlands, you are fully vaccinated after two injections (unless you have received the Janssen vaccine).