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I did not receive a Dutch vaccination certificate, but I did receive an international vaccination certificate. What can I do?

In the Netherlands, you’ll only receive a vaccination certificate if you were fully vaccinated. Or if you’ve had coronavirus and have been vaccinated once since. Read more here: Using proof of vaccination to generate a COVID Certificates.

Are you entitled to a Dutch vaccination certificate, but is the app not providing one? See what you can do below.

I've had coronavirus and received one vaccination

GGD needs to be aware of your coronavirus infection

The GGD needs to be aware you’ve had coronavirus. Therefore you need to state you’ve had coronavirus when planning your vaccination appointment. You’ll only need one vaccination appointment. Were you vaccinated by the GGD? Then the GGD can adjust this afterwards as well. Please contact the GGD via 0800-5090.

Another vaccination location: paper vaccination certificate

Were you vaccinated by your general practitioner (GP), at the hospital or by another healthcare provider? Then you won’t be able to adjust this. Your GP, the hospital or the healthcare provider that vaccinated you can print a paper vaccination certificate for you. To receive this document, please contact the instance that vaccinated you.

I tested positive before my first vaccination

Were you tested positive, and did you receive your first injection after? Then you are fully vaccinated. You will receive a full vaccination certificate if your retrieved positive test result is from before your first injection.

From version 2.6.0 of the CoronaCheck app onwards, you’ll have the option to retrieve a positive test result after only one injection is found while retrieving your vaccination details. At this moment, you can only retrieve your most recent positive test result.

Were you tested positive more than once, with the first time happening before your first injection, but can only the result from a test that happened after be found? Please contact the healthcare provider who vaccinated you. They can help you create a full vaccination certificate.

Did you contract coronavirus between your first and second vaccination?

If you contract coronavirus after your first vaccination, you’ll need to get a second vaccination to be fully vaccinated. After that, you’ll be able to create a vaccination certificate in CoronaCheck.

I received my two vaccinations on different locations

If you were vaccinated by the GGD or have given permission for registration at the RIVM, both vaccinations will be retrieved in CoronaCheck.Did you get your first vaccination at another provider, but your second at the GGD? When making an appointment at the GGD, please indicate that you got your first vaccination elsewhere. Did you not give permission to have your first vaccination registered at the RIVM? Then you can still ask your first vaccination provider to do this.