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How long is my corona certificate valid and can I use it multiple times?

A Dutch test certificate is valid until 24 hours after the moment of testing. Within these 24 hours, you’re able to visit multiple locations or activities with your certificate (the QR code). Please note: a test done by the GGD often isn’t available in CoronaCheck within 24 hours.

A Dutch recovery certificate becomes valid 11 days after the positive test, until 365 days after the positive test.

A Dutch vaccination certificate is valid from 14 days after the second vaccination. Vaccinations with Janssen become valid from 28 days after vaccination. Have you already received a booster vaccination? Then there is no waiting period. Your vaccination certificate will remain valid. How long immunity from a vaccination lasts is still being researched. When we know how long you’re protected by a vaccination, its validity will be updated based on that information. Until then, the proof of vaccination is valid indefinitely.

Are you traveling to another country? Rules and regulations differ from country to country. Check Travelling outside the Netherlands before you leave to see what certificate you need and if your international QR-code is valid at your destination.