My QR code was scanned but led to a red screen. What should I do?

Getting a red screen at the border or abroad? The corona measures or restrictions of the country you’re visiting may differ from those in the Netherlands. Go to Netherlands Worldwide for an overview of the rules and validity of the coronavirus pass in other countries.

Getting a red screen within the Netherlands? A red screen could mean that the QR code does not meet Dutch requirements, or that the QR code is blocked. QR codes that are widely shared via the internet or social media will be blocked.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Verify if the time on your phone and the phone of the scanner are set correctly. Make sure to set the date and time to ‘set automatically’.
  2. Always show an original certificate. A screenshot of a certificate may cause problems.
  3. Completely close the CoronaCheck app. Then launch it again and have your QR code scanned once more.

Still looking at a red screen?

Please contact the CoronaCheck help desk by phoning 0800-1421 (free). Or if you are calling from abroad: +31 70 750 37 20.

Entry always requires a green screen. No green screen? Unfortunately, this means you’re unable to enter.