When can I make a vaccination certificate?

At this moment, it’s not possible to create a Dutch vaccination certificate, because vaccination certificates are currently not in use within the Netherlands.

You can create an international vaccination certificate. You get this certificate already after only one vaccination. An international vaccination certificate in general is valid for 270 days after the completion of full vaccination. Please note: the QR codes of all your vaccinations always remain visible in the CoronaCheck-app, even after the 270 days. This is done because it varies by country how long a vaccination is valid and of which vaccination you have to show the QR code. Once you’ve received a new (booster)vaccination, you can add it yourself by logging in again with DigiD. A decision about the validity of booster vaccinations has not been made yet. For children up to 18 years old, a full vaccination certificate is valid indefinitely. This does not require a booster vaccination. Please note: the validity of a certificate made after one vaccination depends on the rules of the country you’re visiting. Check Netherlands Worldwide to see which rules apply at your destination.

For all rules regarding creating a vaccination certificate, please look at the page Using proof of vaccination to generate a COVID Certificate.