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Get tested, gain access

CoronaCheck is created as part of access testing. With the CoronaCheck app, visitors can prove having tested negative for corona. This way, certain social, cultural or sports venues can open quickly, in a responsible manner.

CoronaCheck is currently only being tested in field trials.

Why this app? Only access after testing

Your health and other people’s health matters. Even when you’re having fun. So get tested first. If your test proves you don’t have coronavirus at that time, you get access to certain social, cultural or athletic activities.

How does it work? Your QR code in your pocket

Does your test prove you don’t have coronavirus at that time? Then you can make a personal QR code in this app. This will be your negative test declaration. The QR code is scanned before you get access.

Validity of your negative test declaration Your test declaration is valid for 40 hours

Want access to a certain social, cultural or athletic activity? Make sure your QR code has been scanned at the entrance within 40 hours after the moment you’ve been tested. If your negative test declaration expires, the QR code disappears from the app. Need a new QR code? Get tested again.

Hoe wordt mijn testbewijs gecontroleerd? De CoronaCheck Scanner

Met de CoronaCheck Scanner wordt op een gemakkelijke manier gecontroleerd of je testbewijs in de CoronaCheck-app geldig is. Bij een groen scherm mag je naar binnen.

What data is used? Privacy first

Your QR code only says when you tested negative. No personal data are processed or stored at this moment.

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This is how we handle your data:

Frequently asked questions

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