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Get access with the CoronaCheck-app

With this app, you are able to prove you've been vaccinated, you’ve had corona or that you’ve recently tested negative for corona. You can use CoronaCheck to get access to certain locations. And to travel to other countries.

Problems retrieving your test-, vaccination- or recovery certificate?

Are you unable to retrieve your details in CoronaCheck wherefore you can’t make a coronavirus pass? Please read more on practical tips and problems creating a coronavirus pass (Dutch).

How does it work?

1. Get tested or vaccinated

If you’ve been vaccinated, had coronavirus before or didn’t have coronavirus at the time of testing, you get access to certain locations or countries.

2. Make a QR code

Turn your vaccination record or positive / negative test result into a QR code. This is your certificate.

3. Show your QR code

To get access to a certain location or country, both your QR code and your proof of identity need to be checked at the entrance.

CoronaCheck Scanner

Would you like to find out how you can use CoronaCheck to allow visitors access to your event?

Read more about the CoronaCheck Scanner app.

This is how we handle your data:

Frequently asked questions

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