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Travel safely with your coronavirus pass

Travelling abroad? Check in advance on Netherlands Worldwide whether you need a coronavirus pass. You can create one if you’ve been vaccinated, if you’ve been tested and don’t have coronavirus, or if you’ve had coronavirus and have recovered. Download the app to get a certificate on your phone, or create a paper certificate.

How does the coronavirus pass work?

  1. Check before departure on Netherlands Worldwide which certificate you need at your destination
  2. Get tested or vaccinated in time if needed
  3. Create a certificate with QR code from the result in the app, or on paper via this website
  4. Show your QR code at the border, or at the entrance of venues you visit abroad.

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Frequently asked questions

I am unable to create my certificate in CoronaCheck, what can I do?

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Prepare for your trip

Which certificate you need varies by destination. Before departure, check the coronavirus measurements of the country you’re visiting on