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Get access with the CoronaCheck app

With this app, you are able to prove you've recently tested negative for corona. This gives you access to certain locations or activities.

Soon you will also be able to turn your vaccination certificate into a QR code with CoronaCheck. You can use it in the Netherlands or for travel within Europe. When will that be possible?

To gain access to some events and locations, from June 5th you will be able to use CoronaCheck. You can read here how CoronaCheck works. From the end of June, your proof of vaccination will provide access to events and locations in the Netherlands. You can use CoronaCheck for this. From the beginning of July you will be able to use CoronaCheck to create a personal QR code for travels to other countries within the European Union. You can read more about it soon on this website, or take a look at the website of the Rijksoverheid (Wat is het EU Digitaal Corona Certificaat? |

How does it work?

1. Get tested

If your test proves you don’t have coronavirus at that time, you get access to certain locations or activities.

2. Make a QR code

Does your test prove you don’t have coronavirus at that time? Then make a QR code out of the test result. This is your test certificate.

3. Show your QR code

To get access, both your QR code and your proof of identity need to be checked at the entrance.

CoronaCheck Scanner

Would you like to find out how you can use CoronaCheck to allow guests access to your event?

Read more about the CoronaCheck Scanner app.

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